What's a Rain Tent?

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Do You Need a Rain Tent?

Spring has sprung, but what does that mean for your outdoor event plans and a rain plan? If you’re gearing up for an April or May celebration, the question of whether to reserve a rain tent might be on your mind. Our answer? Absolutely! In fact, we recommend having a rain plan in place for any outdoor event—after all, Mother Nature can be quite unpredictable (as we all experienced last year!).


We understand the effort you’ve put into planning the perfect event, and we want you and your guests to have an amazing day, rain or shine!


Reserving a Rain Tent

So, what’s involved when you reserve a rain scenario tent with Classical Tents? When we go over the details of your order, we’ll discuss the possibility of including a backup rain tent. Our team will collaborate with you or your event team to select the right tent based on factors like location, guest count, and intended use.


Once you select the appropriate tent and sidewalls, they’ll be reserved as part of your order, with a 50% commitment required upfront. About 7-9 days before your event, our team will touch base with you to confirm the details, including the need for the rain tent. You’ll have the flexibility to make a final decision up to 24 hours before delivery. If you choose to cancel, you’ll only be responsible for the 50% cost of the tent and sidewalls.


Why Do You Still Get Charged?

You might wonder why we charge 50% if the tent isn’t used. The reason is simple: once you reserve your tent from us, it’s unavailable for other customers, ensuring it’s ready and waiting for you if the weather takes a turn.


Having a Back-up Plan Brings Peace-of-Mind

While we all hope for a rain-free day, if you have a backup plan in place, you’ll have peace-of-mind knowing you’ll be covered. By securing a rain tent upfront, you can avoid any last-minute scrambling and ensure your event goes off without a hitch, come rain or shine!


Contact us to begin planning your rental order!


Event Team for Featured Photos:

Photography: Tricia McCormack Photography
Venue: Chesterwood
Catering + Planning: Mezze Events
Flowers: The Botaniste 
Rentals: Classical Tents
Band: Young Love and the Thrills


rain tent, outdoor wedding, berkshires, ma, rain backup plan
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