What size tent do I need?

Typically Tables of 8 people, using 60″ rounds or 8′ banquet tables, will require 100 square feet per table or 10 square feet per person. Additional room would be needed to add in a dance floor, band or DJ. Ceremony tents require different seating arrangements. You can usually factor 8 square feet per person if using a cathedral style seating setup with an aisle. We can help you with this so that you have exactly what you need.

Why would I rent a structure instead of a tent?

Structure tents are the sturdiest tents on the market, and their sidewall panels open and close on a track. Tensioned sidewall means no flapping and a clean, tight look. They are highly weather resistant and are 10′ tall at the sides. Elegant and sturdy, structure tents might just be the tent for you!

When will my delivery be made?

For events held over the weekend, we generally schedule our deliveries for Wednesday – Friday and pickups for the following Monday or Tuesday (sometimes Sundays if required for Classical Tents rental needs). Classical Tents schedules these days based on availability and size of your order. If you would like to request a specific delivery or pickup day, please do so three months in advance (we’ll try our best but we can’t guarantee we will be able to accommodate you in this request). If you prefer, we can also schedule a customer pickup and return of your rental order at our warehouse. There is no delivery fee associated with this service.

When do I need to finalize my order?

Approximately 7-9 days ahead of your event one of our Rental Coordinators will contact you via email to do a final wrap up. This email will prompt you to review your order for accuracy, get any final changes you may have, let you know which day we are planning to deliver and discuss final details for your order/delivery. Longer lead time may be required in certain cases and on certain items such as specialty linens.

String lighting

How and when do I pay?

All orders are booked upon a signed copy of our rental contract and receipt of a 30% retainer of the total bill. The remaining balance Is due in a few days prior to your delivery day (our final wrap up email will go over this). Customers may pay by check, cash or credit card unless credit has been established at least 60 days prior to delivery.

Do you charge for delivery?

Most orders will be charged a delivery fee based on delivery location. Please contact us for appropriate charges. You may avoid a delivery fee by picking up and returning items to our warehouse.

Do the tables and chairs get set up?

Typically the setup of tables and chairs is handled by your caterer or someone involved in the planning and execution of your event on the day of. You will want to check with your caterer to be sure this is a service they are going to provide for your event. Classical Tents will drop off these items in a neat stack and they need to be broken down and stacked again prior to our arrival for pickup.

Are there sides on the tents?

White, windowed and clear sidewall panels are available for an additional fee on all tent styles.  Sidewall styles are different depending on the style of tent you have rented.  Basic Frame and Pole tents sidewalls can be folded back.  Sailcloth tent sides can be rolled up and Structure Tent sides can be slid open on a track.  There is no additional cost for our staff to hang the sidewalls upon delivery and we’re happy to do it!

What should we do for clean up?

We ask that tables and chairs be neatly stacked to resemble the way they were delivered. Glasses should be tipped upside down and placed in their appropriate racks so that all liquid drains out. Dishes should be scraped free of all food particles, rinsed and placed in their appropriate racks. Linens should be shaken free of food and crumbs and placed in the supplied linen bags. DO NOT put linens into plastic bags as mold will result.

Does the tent have a floor?

Tents are most commonly erected on grass, pavement, decks and patios. Please contact our office to discuss options for adding a floor to your event. All events receive up to three computerized floor plans at no additional cost. There is a $20.00 charge for additional plans.

Do I need a tent permit?

Tent permits may be required based on the town your event is being held in. For events outside of Berkshire County, MA obtaining a permit is the responsibility of the customer. Contact the local building inspector’s office in the town your event is being held in to find out if one is required for your event site. We are available to assist you in filling out the form and providing any necessary paperwork required about the tent itself.

How long do I have the rentals for?

The technical rental period is 24 hours on the date listed on your order under the “Event day” section. Should you wish to use the items for other events surrounding your main event (things like rehearsal dinner, brunch, etc) we must be notified well in advance and we will need to list those dates on your order as well (additional confirmation that the items are available for these subsequent events may be required by us first). Your rental items are booked for the date of use noted on your order only. Delivery will most likely be scheduled in advance of your event and pickup in the days afterwards but the technical rental period is 24 hours unless otherwise agreed upon in advance and in writing. Delivery and pickup shall be at our convenience.

Will all my items come on one truck and on the same day?

Depending on the size of your order and the specific items on it Classical Tents may need to make more than one trip to your site to deliver everything. It’s also possible that another client has rented an item for use mid-week ahead of your weekend event. Occasionally we are waiting on our laundry service or UPS to bring up something we have ordered for your event. In these cases we may have to deliver certain items on a subsequent day after your main delivery starts.

Have a question not listed above?

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Tidewater tent and string lighting. Photography © Rebecca Yale