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Tricia McCormack Photography

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This website would not be possible without the generous contributions from the incredibly talented photographers we’ve worked with over the years. We are grateful they are willing to share their art with us so we can showcase the beautiful events we are honored to be part of. If you are a photographer and see an image of yours and you have not been credited, please email us to let us know and we will fix it quickly.

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Image 1: Tricia McCormack
Image 2: Alex Gordias Photography
Image 3: Leila Brewster Photography

Tryptic: Dani Fine Photography & Tricia McCormack Photography

Image behind “Discover Your Event Aesthetic”: Oresti Tsonopoulos Photography

Process: Image 1, Image 2 Elaina Mortali Photography

Background image (of the Mount outdoors): LH Photography + Film


Events Images:
Image 1: Tricia McCormack
Image 2: Alex Gordias Photography
Image 3: Lindsey Nicole Photography
Tryptic: Tent Image: Undressed Moments , Table Image: Tricia McCormack Photography

Commercial Images:
Image 1: Chelsea Gaia Photo
Image 2: Dani Fine Photography


About Images:
Image 1: Emma Rothenberg Photography
Image 2: Tricia McCormack
Image 3: Classical Tents
Contact Header Image: Christopher Duggan Photography
FAQ Header Image: Kate Rautenberg Photography

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