Hosting a Company Picnic

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Hosting a Company Picnic

Company picnics and parties are more than just a day out of the office—they’re a chance to build camaraderie, celebrate achievements, and recharge the team’s spirit. If you’re an employer, maybe you’ve been thinking about hosting something this year? This is your sign to do it! And we’re here to help.  



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Why Host a Company Picnic or Party?

Hosting a company picnic or party is a fantastic way for you to show appreciation for your team’s hard work. It provides an informal setting where employees can bond with each other, network, and relax outside the office environment. These events can boost morale (for them and you!), improve teamwork, and even enhance productivity when everyone returns to work feeling valued and refreshed (its a win-win!).



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Where and When Should They Take Place?

Choosing the right location is crucial. Depending on where people are coming from, you could consider local parks, beaches, or even a rented outdoor venue with ample space for activities and relaxation. If your team prefers an indoor setting, look into community centers, rented banquet halls, camps, or even the office itself (with a fun twist).



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Timing Is Everything

The best time for a company picnic is during the warmer months when outdoor venues are most enjoyable. Although, indoor parties can be great any time of year. Aim for a date that doesn’t conflict with major holidays or busy work periods. After all, you want to ensure as many as possible can be in attendance to enjoy the event!



What Rentals Might Be Needed?

To ensure your event is comfortable and well-equipped, you may have to plan for rentals. Depending on the location and what’s included, you may have to consider the following items:

  • Seating and Shelter: Enough chairs and tables for everyone, plus tents to provide shade or shelter from unexpected weather.
  • Food and Beverage Equipment: Grills, coolers, beverage dispensers, platters, and food warmers if you’ll have a caterer on-site. Don’t forget the essentials like plates, glasses, flatware, and napkins.
  • Entertainment and Activities: Depending on your event needs, you might need audio-visual equipment like microphones, speakers, and projectors, or fun items for games and activities, such as sports equipment, game booths, or even a dunk tank!
  • Safety Gear: First aid kits, fire extinguishers, and any necessary safety barriers to ensure a safe environment for all attendees.


As far as a theme, there are so many possibilities! We recommend getting a small team together to brainstorm ideas, taking into account your budget and cultural fit. You can also explore fun company picnic ideas online. If budget allows, hire an event planner to handle all the details! Check out Katie O Events and some of the corporate events they’ve planned!



If you’re ready to get a rental order started, contact us and we’ll help you check another thing off your to do list!



The images you see here are from a very large Corporate Retreat featuring a variety of our tents, staging and rentals. The event was planned by Tara Consolati Events


sailcloth tent outdoor corporate event for off-site work retreat
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