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What is a Bat Mitzvah (or Bar Mitzvah)

A Bat Mitzvah (or Bar Mitzvah) is a very special time in a Jewish household, a tradition that brings family and friends together to support a young person’s transition into the next phase of their life. It’s a beautiful celebration filled with love, light, and excitement!


A Bar Mitzvah (for boys) and a Bat Mitzvah (for girls) are Jewish coming-of-age ceremonies. The term “Bar Mitzvah” translates to “son of the commandment,” and “Bat Mitzvah” translates to “daughter of the commandment.” These ceremonies mark the point at which a Jewish child reaches the age of religious maturity and becomes responsible for their own actions under Jewish law.


A Family Celebration

This spring, we had the great honor of working with Shannon from Aligned Events to bring a very special Bat Mitzvah to life for two young girls, twins celebrating this milestone together.


The client’s home was recently constructed and had a beautiful space in their backyard with a patio, pool, and small yard. Their wish? To tent over those areas with one large clear top structure tent. And, of course, they wanted a fun and beautiful celebration for the girls! 


Bat mitzvah, clear top tent, outdoor event


An Event Planner’s Perspective

Shannon from Aligned Events shares her experience working with Classical Tents on this project:

When I first started working with this client, I knew I wanted to work with Classical Tents.


One of the challenges we ran into when planning this event was that the client was hoping to tent over a very specific area of their home that was not easy to tent over. They were hoping to tent over a pool area, a patio, and a portion of their lawn—all at different heights and with different topography.


Classical Tents was tireless in looking at the site, coming up with drawings, and thinking about how they could execute a single tenting structure that could cover these different areas. They don’t get phased when I ask them to do something that is really complicated and the client’s vision is a little outside the box.” ~Shannon Cruise, Aligned Events


Meticulous Planning

We spent about a year planning and ironing out all the small details to ensure we could provide the best product and service possible for this sweet event. We are truly energized by these special kinds of installations, it keeps us on our toes! Our team was very proud of the final result of this really complex installation, and more importantly, our client was thrilled as well!



We take you behind-the-scenes on this project, showing a little bit of the process of installation and the final look! 



Supporting Your Vision

You may have a vision that seems unrealistic and, in some cases, that could be true, but we’ll do our very best to help you create that vision.


Renting a tent really doesn’t have to be intimidating—though it can feel that way. We’re here to guide you every step of the way. Reach out and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have!


Event Team:

Event Planner: @alignedevents
Videographer: @rightlightproductions
Photographer: @_caratotman_
Caterer: @crispcateringevents
Floral: @forestflowers_design
Lighting: @foxhausevent
DJ: @gabbyquail


bat mitzvah, northampton, ma, outdoor event, clear top tent
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