Choosing a Structure Tent

Structure Tent for Wedding with lighting decor at night


Community Garden


Jo Chattman Photography


40 x 90 Structure


Rob Alberti Events

A question we get a lot… “Why would I rent a structure instead of a Standard Pole Tent or Sailcloth Tent?”


Structure tents are highly weather resistant, offering a thicker metal frame and stronger vinyl than standard tents—they are the sturdiest tents on the market!


Their tensioned sidewall panels open and close on a track which means a clean, tight look. They are 10’ tall at the sides which offers unobstructed views. With white tent tops, clear tent tops (for early spring or late fall), or alternating white and clear tent tops, structure tents present many options.


Structure tents are great for large weddings, long-term tent rentals, corporate events, or commercial use and temporary structures.


And finally, they look gorgeous! Especially if you choose to have a professional lighting company install beautiful lighting throughout.


Take a look at our Tents page for all our options or contact us to start a quote!


Above Photograph by Chattman Photography
Lighting by Rob Alberti Events


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