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There is no doubt that clear top tents add a certain level of elegance to any event! They provide a spectacular view of the stars and allow natural light to shine through, creating a bright and airy atmosphere. But what should you know about renting a clear top tent? 


Consider the Weather

While clear top tents are beautiful, they may not be suitable for all weather conditions. If you are hosting your event during a hot summer day, the tent can quickly become a greenhouse, making it uncomfortable for you and your guests. Early spring and the later side of fall are ideal. 


Check the Tent’s Size and Capacity

Clear top tents come in various sizes and capacities, so it’s essential to choose one that fits your event’s needs. Consider the number of guests you will have, the type of seating arrangement, and the space required for your event activities. 


Lighting and Decorations

The clear top tent provides a stunning view of the sky, but it also requires careful consideration of lighting and decorations. You can opt for string lights, chandeliers, or lanterns to create a magical atmosphere in the tent. 


Work with a Professional Rental Company

We think this one is pretty important, of course! Renting a clear top tent requires careful planning and execution. Our team will guide you throughout the planning process to help you get the right tent that meets your needs. We’ll provide a site visit if we haven’t worked with the location before and we’ll share our recommendations on placement. 


Renting a clear top tent can truly take your event to the next level. By considering the weather, tent size, lighting, and decorations, you can create a beautiful and unforgettable atmosphere for your guests.


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