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From the classic to modern, industrial to rustic, we’ll help you find just the right tents to complement every theme, location and budget. In addition, our expert team of engineers, event planners, and customer service professionals will take the stress out of planning including preparing detailed computerized floor plans to help simplify your wedding or special event.

Premium Tents

A step above the norm, our Premium tents are for the discerning client. Clear top tents, clear top structure tents, sailcloth tents in a wide variety of sizes, glass sided structure tents with doors, hard sided structure tents – our wide selection of tent styles and in depth engineering knowledge regarding tents makes the Classical Tents Premier Tenting an excellent choice for your event. Call our office at 413 443-2222 to arrange for the tenting experts on the Classical Tents staff to visit with you on site. We can help you determine the best tent style for your elegant wedding, non profit gala, corporate party and more. We have provided tents in downtown Boston, for elite country clubs in Michigan, for New York City brides, and for corporate retreats.

Standard Tents

For over 33 years Classical Tents has offered a wide array of standard tents for graduations, weddings, baby showers, galas, corporate events, and more. White frame and white pole tents complete this inventory. Our sizes start at 9×9 and go up to 80×150. We offer single pole and twin pole tents in this line. If your site requires that a tent go in a tight location one of our frame tents might work for you. Pole tents are excellent choices for romantic weddings, wedding showers, furniture sales, and more.

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Premium Tents


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