White Serving Bowls

Our rental inventory includes a variety of sizes for your catering needs. The classic white look fits with almost any wedding, corporate or private event style. These serving bowls are also perfect for a family style catered event. White Porcelain.


Product Options

5” White Porcelain Bowl, $0.60
5” White Stoneware Bowl $0.95
8” White Porcelain Bowl, Shallow $7.00
8” White Porcelain Bowl, Deep $7.00
12” White Porcelain Bowl, Deep $10.00
6"x 11" White China oval bowl (2.25" deep, 40 oz) $6.00
6" Round Deep Cylinder white China bowl (4" deep, 88 oz) $7.00
9" Round Deep Cylinder white China bowl (4" deep, 88 oz) $8.00
7.5" Ribbed Flare China Bowl (2.5" deep, 27 oz) $5.00

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