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Flooring for tents has increased in popularity throughout the North East. Tent floors offer you an elevated and luxurious look to any event, especially weddings. Installing floors are especially popular for complex property locations where areas might be sloped or when the location includes a tennis court or swimming pool. Visit True Event’s Instagram post featuring our tent and flooring.


This type of service takes expertise and experience, both of which Classical Tents offers. We have been flooring wedding tents, construction tents, catering tents, and corporate tents for over 35 years! We offer a variety of options when it comes to flooring. From wood to carpet, we are able to meet our clients needs.  Contact us today to inquire about availability and to start planning for your event.


Classical Tents and Party Goods extends its rental services beyond the Berkshires, covering regions like Vermont, Connecticut, and parts of New York, encompassing the Hudson Valley, Columbia County, and Westchester.


Product Information: Accurate pricing requires that we do a site inspection so that we can determine the best product for your site. From level wedding sites to sloped sites, gullies or mountain sides, we can floor it all!

Call to set up a time to have one of our expert floor installers inspect your site. From there, we can prepare a computerized drawing for you as well as provide you with accurate pricing.

Pricing quoted without a site inspection will be considered a guestimate and not a firm price. Flooring must be ordered minimally 4 months prior to your event date, and in some cases even earlier.

Special Notes: Classical Tents is very experienced at installing flooring. The base consists of wood stringers or wood panels which follow the lay of the land, or perfectly level stage sections. Which base you need depends on your site and your preferred topper. The toppers could include Atlantic Birch wood panels, Carpeting, Astro turf , or, coming soon, gray wood flooring panels.

Product Options

Wood Flooring
Astro Turf Flooring
Stage Flooring
Carpeted Flooring

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