Beverage Tubs & Coolers

Our rental inventory includes a variety of beverage tubs and coolers to help keep drinks cold throughout your event. These beverage tubs provide a nice look for your tabletop bar to keep drinks cold for your cocktail hour, wedding reception, corporate event, gala, or other celebration.

Special notes: Not all of our products are represented here with photos. Please call for details about any of the items you are interested in.

Product Options

Wine / Ice Bucket (no lid) $6.00
Copper Tub, Oval (20"L X 11"W X 6"D) $15.00
Copper Tub, Rectangular (20.5"L X 12.5"W X 6"D) $17.00
Insulated Stainless Tub, Oval (18"L X 15"W X 6"D) $15.00
Galvanized Metal Tub, Oval, 10.5 GAL., (14"L X 27"W X 9.5"D) $15.00
Hammered Tubs, Stainless $22.00
Thermal Beverage Servers (Hot/Cold), 5 GAL. $26.00
Lexan Tubs (18”L X20”W X 15"D ) $15.00

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