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This is our basic rental agreement between Berkshire Rentals Inc. (d/b/a Classical Tent & Party Goods) herein after referred to as “Classical Tents, we, our and us” and (client name) herein after referred to as “the customer, you and your.” Issues not covered in this agreement will be assessed using rental industry standards.


Duration of Rental:


The technical rental period is 24 hours on the date listed on your order under the “Event day” section. Should you wish to use the items for other events surrounding your main event (things like rehearsal dinner, brunch, etc) we will need to be notified well in advance and we will need to list those dates on your order as well (additional confirmation that the items are available for these subsequent events may be required by us first). Your rental items are booked for the date of use noted on your order only. Delivery will most likely be scheduled in advance of your event and pickup in the days afterwards but the technical rental period is 24 hours unless otherwise agreed upon in advance and in writing. Delivery and pickup shall be at our convenience.


Payment Procedures:


Reservation deposit:   Equipment and items will be reserved upon receipt of a signed contract and a deposit of 30% of the total rental charges.


Cancellations: Cancellations will results in a fee of 50%, if cancelled more than 1.5 days prior to scheduled delivery date, and 100% if cancelled in less than 1.5 days prior to the scheduled delivery date.


Damage Waiver: Our invoices automatically include a non-refundable damage waiver which covers minimal breakage. This does not include considerable damage, breakage or loss.


Payment: You shall provide us with a final count of the rental items you will require at least 8 days prior to your event, at which time we will present to you an invoice for the total rental charges. Final payment is due prior to delivery it the event is taking place not on your property, or upon delivery if the event is taking place at the address where you reside, unless credit has been established. Should additional items be added to your order the week of your event, by you or your caterer, you are fully responsible for all monies due.


Late Payment Charge: You agree to pay us all rental charges promptly when due and to pay a late payment charge of 1.5% per month on any past due, unpaid balance of the rental charges after net 30.     


Bounced Checks: All bounced check will be assessed a $30.00 fee on top of the balance due.


Delivery and Pick Up:


Delivery and pick up shall be at our convenience. You grant us (our agents and employees) the right to enter your premises for the sole purpose of delivery, installation, and pick up of our rented equipment and goods. You agree to pay a service charge for each extra delivery or pick up call occasioned by you and required of us. Delivery and pick up will be to ground level only. There is an additional charge for delivery and pick up above or below the first floor. Please note that deliveries and installations can often take more than one day and/or trip to complete.


Tents and other rented items may not be dismantled or moved without our prior written approval. You will be charged an additional service charge if pickup of any rented item is from a location other than the location to which it was delivered. In no event may you allow any party other than us to dismantle, move, or erect a tent.


Your site must be ready for installation: should we encounter bees, ledge, underground power, septic systems, trees, snow, outdoor furniture, and/or more, extra fees may be incurred. For all rental orders, there may be a delivery charge applied. Due to the rising gasoline prices, this charge is subject to change without notice. This charge is necessary to keep our prices competitive. Customers may avoid delivery charges by picking up from and returning items to our warehouse.


Classical Tents will contact you the week prior to your event to confirm your final order and to let you know the delivery date. We cannot guarantee exact delivery times.


Care / Clean Up Procedures:


I agree to perform of have arranged for, the following (Care / Clean Up Procedures):


  1. Prepare the site by calling Dig Safe at 811 seventy two hours before installation, and flagging the septic system. Our stakes are 42” long and can reach power and gas lines, as well as septic systems. Classical Tents is responsible for your site only to the extent that they can see the items with the naked eye.
  2. Scrape, rinse and repack dinnerware (flatware, glassware, china and serving pieces) and return them in the boxes, containers, or racks in which they were delivered (Plates scraped and rinsed free of food, glasses tipped free of liquid and placed upside down in the appropriate racks, silverware rinsed and drained in provided tubs).
  3. Return all linens in laundry bags that are provided, dry and debris-free. Do not place linens in any other kind of bag – mildew will result. If there is obvious damage to linens, such as mildew, wax excessive stains, burns or tears, you agree to pay the full replacement cost of the linens.
  4. Protect equipment and other items from the elements, and/or theft, from the time of delivery to the time of pick up.


Additional Charges:


  1. Delivery or pick up from any location other than ground level (upstairs or downstairs).
  2. Setup of chairs and/or tables.
  3. Folding and stacking of chairs and tables in preparation for pickup.
  4. Cleaning food or service items not rinsed free of food (Including gas grills).
  5. Delivery or pick up after normal business hours and on Saturdays, Sundays, or Holidays.
  6. Pick up from an address/location other than delivery address/location.
  7. Racks and boxes not returned.
  8. Service Calls.
  9. Moving of items after initial installation (dancefloors, stages, tenting, etc).

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