As business people, what is one of the worst calls that we get from clients after an event? That call about an issue that is it too late to fix? It’s the call saying that their tent was dirty. We can bring more linens, or extra flatware to the event, but when the tent is not up to snuff, that is hard to fix, especially once it’s up in the air.


Have you ever lost a client because your tent was grey from all the dirt that had fallen on it, or brown from wet leaves that fell on the tent? Or maybe a client didn’t book your venue because your tent didn’t look clean and white!


After years of not owning a tent washer, Classical Tents invested over $100,000 to purchase a tent washer, and we have been thrilled with the results. We wash our own extensive line of tents, including frame, pole and structure tents in our washer. And for four years local fire departments, wedding venues, private home owners, and other rental companies have had their tents washed by Classical Tents as well.


We check you tent in when you deliver it to our warehouse loading dock. Next we tag your vinyl so that we know what belongs to you from the minute your tenting enters our warehouse to the minute it goes out the door again. We have you fill out and sign a form, letting us know which services you would like and listing which items you are dropping off for wash and repair.


Maybe you are leaving 10 pieces of windowed sidewall but only two need windows repaired. Or perhaps you want all of your tents washed, but none of them dried ( which means that you plan to dry them back at your warehouse asap when you pick them up after they are cleaned and repaired).


Fill out the form linked here and email or fax it to us to let us know that you would like us to reach out about tent washing and/ or repair. We will respond within 72 hours during the normal work week to schedule a drop off for your tenting. Please note that at times we get super busy so give us a call if more than 3 days has gone by and you haven’t heard from us.


Email : michele@classicaltents.com
Phone: 1+ 413-443-2222 Fax: 1+ 413-443-2233

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