We know that planning an event, especially if it’s in an unfamiliar location, can be complicated and time-consuming. We go beyond simple party rentals, and are here to support you in planning your special day.

Consider us your Berkshire guides in finding the area’s best:

Custom lighting vendors
Photographers and videographers
Restroom-service and generator providers

Wedding venues and event venues
Event planners
Event designers

Even during our busiest seasons, we’re on call to answer your questions—days, nights, or weekends! In addition to our party rentals—including furniture, plates and glassware, and custom linens— we also provide site inspections. Ask about our detailed computerized floor plans, which will help ensure optimal spacing and flow for your tent and site, as well as suggestions for where to place related services.


Pre-booking is required for these services, as well as for custom party rentals. Get in touch as soon as you know your date and event location, and we’ll be happy to join your planning team.

Photography: Eric Limon | Event Planning: Linda Baldwin

Do you have questions about custom services? We’ve got answers.